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video Content Marketing - Medical Bound get the content

Content marketing for dentists...

Dental practices have realized that telling stories that people actively want to watch, read, and listen to is way more efficient and effective than traditional marketing—in the moment, but especially in the long term.

Medical Bound
Medical Bound
Medical Bound
Medical Bound
WEB Bina Park - Dentist NYC
Dr. Peyser - Styled Photoshoot by the Medical Bound team

A dentist having a styled photoshoot??

When you think of it, most Dentists have the same photos on their website that represent their brands for years! Sometime 5 - 15 years. I know, crazy right?? Today more than ever it's time to keep your brand image fresh and up to date. Did we put Dr. Peyser in skinny Jeans.. Yes! Did we put him in sweaters and shirts that "Fit him"... yes! Did we introduce color that made him "Pop" off of the screen... Yes! Was he slightly uncomfortable... Hell yes!!! Did he love the end result? See for yourself : )

Dr. Peyser aka "The Pey" had a Styled Photoshoot by the Medical Bound team.

Orthodontist? Shoot great videos and share them!

For one of our clients - We documented Eden's
orthodontic journey from start to finish, and
then we shared it!

video The web is thirsty!


Not for water but for Content : ) If you think writing a couple of paragraphs on a webpage is real content, think again! Press play and find out why the web is so thirsty!

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“Medical Bound really helped take what was a single individual practice and helped it grow into a successful group practice that it is today”. -Craig, Kafko Psych
Medical Bound
Medical Bound
Medical Bound
Medical Bound
Media is not about Likes

You still think social
media is about Likes
and Posts?

We are way past how many likes you can get or how many
boring posts on bad breath and how sugar affects teeth here
people. Michael Hausler breaking down social culture.


Medical Bound Inc. offers a holistic solution for your practice to be found, connect, engage, and see results. Whether you are looking to build your practice, generate positive reviews, or rank higher in search engines, we optimize your digital presence across all platforms – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

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